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Top Workouts For a Total Skin Detox

We all know that moving our bodies is a crucial part of looking and feeling our best and most vibrant. We chatted to the ladies at Nimble Activewear about their favourite ways to sweat their way to clearer skin. On top of your beauty and skincare routine, exercise helps to detox your body, flushing it from toxic chemicals and build-up that causes pimples and blemishes. They’ve researched and tested the top workouts that will help to detoxify your body and skin from the inside out, and now we’re sharing them with you.


ECO. Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin: what causes it and what products should you use?

Sensitive skin is a skin condition that may be caused by many different factors: genetics, hormones, medications, harsh or incorrect skin products, climatic conditions such as extreme heat, cold or wind, even pollution, stress and diet. Sensitive skin can suffer from dryness (although it may also be oily), bumps and pustules, broken capillaries, redness and flushing. It can often feel dry, taut and suffer from irritation, burning or stinging and be very reactive to certain skin products.

Sensitive skin can be treated with the correct products and skin care regime, however when trying any new product it is always advisable to introduce the product slowly to the skin and perform a patch test beforehand. Apply a small amount of the product behind the ear or on the inner part of the elbow. Look and feel for any adverse responses, such as raised bumps, redness, stinging or burning. Try one product at a time, such as a moisturizer or serum first, if this product is comfortable, then move on to a cleanser or mask.


Soak Society time out

Hustle, Soak, Repeat: Soak Society’s guide to time-out

We’re all busy. The modern day woman has a packed schedule from the moment she wakes up to the moment she finally rests her weary head. It’s never been more important to slow down and take time for ourselves in order to maintain the best physical, mental and emotional well-being possible. We chat with Natalie Thorogood, founder of wellness brand Soak Society, on the importance of taking five for yourself.


ECO. ageing naturally

Ageing gracefully – which products should you be using?

Ageing is one of those elusive things the beauty industry is always striving to address. In terms of skin and looking our best, most of us strive to defy the natural and inevitable process of ageing. With the knowledge we have today in regards to health, diet, exercise and stress relief, there’s no reason we can’t look and feel our best at any age. In saying that, looking after our skin with a good regime will help defy ageing as much as possible and help us age gracefully and beautifully.



Hormonal Acne: Why do we get it & how do we get rid of it?

Most of us have suffered with hormonal acne at one point in our lives, it can be debilitating and frustrating and at times feel like nothing will make it go away. Although more prevalent during our teens and mature years (e.g. women going through menopause), hormonal acne can effect us at any age, during any time of our life. Hormonal acne is caused by an imbalance of hormones, such as the prevalence of testosterone or a decline of estrogen, and this imbalance results in a build up of dead skin cells, excess sebum or oil production and an increase in bacteria. This causes the skin to suffer from bumps, breakouts, excess oiliness or dryness, inflammation and redness, this can also be quite painful due to the inflammation in the skin.