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Jessica is a passionate foodie and qualified, practicing Nutritionist with a Bachelor Health Science and ten years of clinical experience. Jess is the founder and business owner of the successful Jessica Cox Nutritionist Clinic based in Brisbane, Australia. The Jessica Cox Nutritionist Clinic (JCNC) treats all facets of health conditions, though specialises with ongoing digestive issues and food intolerances. Jess uses her website and blog as an expression of everything she loves rolled into one, including her passion for creating recipes that cater for food intolerances. We chat with Jess about how she stays vibrant, active and healthy.

What is your daily active living routine?
From Monday to Friday I’m generally up at 6am and out of the house by 630am if heading to the gym, or down to the local foreshore for a walk or some HIIT. I love to work out in the morning as it gets my blood pumping and it gets me really motivated and in a positive head space for the day ahead. Generally I am at the JCN clinic by 9am and we have a busy day of seeing clients for all sorts of nutritional treatments (digestive health, weight issues, hormonal concerns, fatigue etc), along with running the content on the blog and the social media sites. We all aim to really stay on top of our nutrition and energy through the day by taking regular visits to the kitchen for nourishing foods and lots of cups of green tea! I really try to enforce a ‘get outside and have your lunch break in the sun’ policy too. The day ends around 6pm and then I either head home to make dinner and relax with some very important down time (currently involving Orange Is The New Black), or I may fit in a yoga session or a gym session if I have not been able to fit it in earlier in the day. Weekends are very active as we are renovating our home. I am up early and generally either quite physically active with the house, or if not I will get another HIIT session in and a walk perhaps. Weekends are also fundamentally a time that I value to get in a bit more sleep and have ‘me time’, as I spend so much time with people during the week. Me time allows me to recharge.
Where does your passion for food therapy and therapeutic nutrition come from?
I grew up on an almost self sustainable farm until I was in my early teens, so I had a lot of early influence in regards to how wonderful food is when it comes straight from the land. I consequently saw the difference when I first moved out of home and rebelled with eating all the wrong sorts of foods. The classic stuff like way too much junk food, too much alcohol etc. I really felt a pull back to my roots very quickly, as I innately knew how much better I would feel eating a more healthy intake of food. I was always really interested in different diets and eating to ‘heal the body’. I’m not sure where this came from, it was like some burning interest within. From an early age I experimented with different ways of eating, some to my detriment at the time, but in hindsight they were valuable learning curves. The major influence came when in my early to mid 20’s I suffered with a lot of hormonal issues that the orthodox medical model could not seem to help me with no matter how hard I tried. Once I began investigating for myself alternative ways of helping myself through nutrition I was overwhelmingly surprised with the steady positive results that came about. I was hooked!
What would your top tips be for someone looking to increase their overall wellbeing; where do they start?
Be careful not to take on too much at once. Start with one step at a time and slowly create change that becomes a lifestyle instead of a ‘quick fix’ approach. We aim to teach this to all of our clients at the JCN clinic. Also, find what works best for you. There are so many different diets out there at the moment, all promising the best results when it comes to wellness. However we are all uniquely and beautifully different, so it would be crazy to think that one diet would suit everyone.


What are your favourite superfoods or ingredients that we should all introduce into our diets for ultimate well being?
I don’t believe in one hero superfood or ingredient, as it’s the abundance of wholefoods in unison that really have the ‘super powers’. In saying this, some of my favourites are:
– Buckwheat (rich in fibre and protein, along with phytochemicals such as rutin) which I love to use in salads and grind into flour to make pancakes and muffins
– Almonds (rich in minerals, especially calcium along with protein and healthy fats) I adore them as a base to milk, or ground up and added to baking, or toasted and added to salads
– Sardines (rich in omega fatty acids, protein, zinc and calcium) I love them mashed up with lemon, artichokes and parsley just like in this sardine smash recipe
Can you share a favourite healthy recipe with our readers?
Sure! One of my favourites (so hard to choose!) is my Chocolate Peanut Truffles.


Do you have a motto or mantra that you live by?
I adore, “You are confined only by the walls that you build yourself” and “the grass is green where you water it”
What is your must have ECO. product?
I am currently loving the ECO C Serum, although I am also a fan of the ECO Vitamin A Powerhouse Night Serum too. Loving them both under my moisturiser at night for that extra hydration.


Check out more of Jess’s healthy recipes and lifestyle tips on her website, Facebook and Instagram.

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